All of our pickled items are made using our own organic vinegar and organic ingredients. Picked at their seasons best we capture and preserve the delicate flavor and crunch of each vegetable.

Utilizing the wealth of agriculture from California's northern coast and valley we attempt to minimize our carbon footprint by patronizing our local farmer's markets, farms and local organic produce purveyors.

"Seasonal & Local"

Spoiled Rotten Vinegar & Stuck-Up Jam

In the summer of 2012 Spoiled Rotten Vinegar and Stuck-Up Jam became available to the public with help of the passing of the California Homemade Food Act.

Taking pride in our kitchen delicacies we use the freshest natural & organic ingredients available in season shopping as local as possible. All of our vinegar, jams, preserves, and pickles are crafted in small batches ensuring quality and uniqueness.

At this time all of our items are only
available at
Potager Cottagein Benicia, Ca. or at local bay area markets where we participate.

Thank you for visiting our site and taking an interest in our work.

​Supplies are limited and recipes vary with the seasons.

"Long Live Real Food"




From our sticky jams to our lactic acid fermented vegetables we follow the oldest of methods while exploring new flavors.

Preserving old world traditions through our craft is the biggest reward for us as well as our customers.

All of our varieties of vinegar are fermented in the traditional orleans method. Secondary fermentation in French or American oak for a minimum of two months lend a robust depth of flavor.